• Contact and personal assistance
  • Sign Language Interpreting services
  • Update database for future contact
  • Create partnerships with hearing world

DEAF Friendly has an Evangelical drive to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all Deaf. Of the at least 500 000 Deaf in SA, who rely on Sign Language as a means to communicate, less than 5% enjoy access to ministry that they actually understand. It is clear that there is a big harvest on our doorstep.


DEAF Friendly renders a Sign Language Interpreting Service to the Deaf during/at:

  • Courts of law
  • Government Departments 
  • Interviews of all kind
  • Social events
  • Television programs
  • Training

These services are rendered to the Deaf free of charge.

We update and utilise our vast database to ensure that Deaf are registered, stay informed and have access to personal assistance, services and care.

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